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There are a lot of places to buy Instagram followers or if you are quite lucky, you can also get free Instagram followers. In modern times such as this it is unlikely if you are not familiar with Instagram. Instagram is one of the social media that is very loved by modern society, especially young people who love photography world premises. Photography is it offered by Instagram and this also distinguishes Instagram with several other social media, such as Twitter, Facebook, Path and others. Instagram social media can be used as a medium to promote the online store. For those of you who have businesses online store, can display the products that are sold via Instagram. What are some interesting facts about Instagram that you may not know? Here is a unique facts about Instagram.

  1. Instagram was first released on October 6, 2010 by the company Instagram.
  2. The idea of ​​making Instagram triggered by two friends, Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger.
  3. Instagram name derived from the meaning literally that “insta” means an instant or fast. It is inspired from a polaroid camera and Instagram application is the development of a polaroid camera in virtual form and more modern packaging. And the word “gram” obtained from the telegram which is one of the means of communication. So the intent of Instagram is that users have easy to upload photos anywhere and anytime.
  4. For the idea of ​​the features that exist on Instagram, the creator, Mike Krieger has taken inspiration from his imagination to combine foursquare which serves to make the marker and also applications Mafia Wars.
  5. Instagram is a social media application that allows users to upload photos simultaneously edit because Instagram also provide editing facilities with an additional effect that will enhance the images before uploading.
  6. Instagram not only allows users to upload photos only, but they also can upload a video.
  7. Instagram is now not only can be used by any Android users but users of Apple products also can install the Instagram app on their smartphone.
  8. To be able to install the Instagram on your smart phone make sure the available capacity of at least 12.5 MB of data in accordance with the size of this application Instagram.
  9. Instagram turns out to have business value is high enough, it is proved by the willingness of the party up to spend about U $ 1 billion to acquire the shares owned Instagram on April 9, 2012 last.
  10. Keep in mind that the application Instagram is a free application that can be owned by any person who signed up his account without any special provisions.
  11. In order to provide maximum satisfaction to its users, Instagram provides 4 features that allow users to perform many activities, among them.

Followers on Instagram feature allows users to follow his idol account or accounts belonging to his friend so that all photos uploaded by people who follow can appear in the timeline. The photo upload feature is a core feature of Instagram or soul itself. In the photo upload feature, there are about seven facilities that allow users to edit and add effects that will be uploaded photo more interesting. Facilities on Instagram camera allows users to take a photo directly in Instagram is then added before the effects can later be uploaded directly. Social networking is a function of Instagram that allows users to connect photos he uploaded to his account on social media, such as Facebook or Twitter.

Like is provided as a feature that allows users to study the response of other users of the photos that have been uploaded.The last feature is a feature that is almost the same arrangement with features on other social media out there and other views. It is interesting facts about Instagram that hopefully can add insight, especially in the field of photography. And it can also be a reference to always perform according to age and sensitive to the phenomena that most people are busy talking. Hopefully Instagram application is not only used for the purposes of style and show off to meet any lifestyle. But instead hopefully with the Instagram app can provide benefits by expanding it into an idea to create things that are useful not only for us personally but affect many people widely. Therefore it is important to get free Instagram followers or if you don’t know how to do it, you can easily buy Instagram followers.


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